Round 12: Insanity, Week 3.

Cardio_recovery_squatI write this on Day 18, having just completed one of my favorite Insanity routines: Cardio Recovery.

What makes it a favorite? Well, there’s the obvious point that for one glorious day my heart rate isn’t elevated to a point of near cardiac arrest. But that’s not it, really. It’s all those slow squats and pulses. It is brutal, and amazing how just these simple moves can bring me to near failure. And afterwards, my legs feel just great.

It’s also pretty satisfying how quickly my cardio-vascular efficiency has improved. No, none of these demanding routines has gotten “easy.” But I’m performing the moves better and, generally, doing better than the 20 year olds in the video. My “high knees” and Heismans are higher. The plyo moves, more explosive. I still curse at the TV and flip Shaun T the bird when doing my quad stretch. But that’s just good mental hygiene; a needed outlet.

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