Maximal Recovery

recoveringI just completed Insanity Day 53: Max Recovery.

It went better than last week. Sometime during those slow push ups, I tweaked my back. Since then, I’ve been vacillating between almost all better and d’oh, it’s back. To deal with this, I’ve inserted a bit of Tai Cheng Neural Reboot and additional foam rolling. This has helped matters. During today’s Max Recovery, I was aware of the back, but it didn’t hinder movement.

Insanity involves a lot of push ups and plyo moves down to low plank and bursting up to a jump. This all has a cumulative effect on me and can lead to injury if I’m not careful with form. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the tweaked back an injury, but it could easily morph into one if not careful.

Working through all this cardio during the holidays is also challenging. Always there is too much food and wine, and the effects are felt during the next day’s workout. I’m looking forward to the more restrained dining experiences that come with the New Year. All this cardio has helped keep me at 155 pounds. But I’ve been hanging around that weight now for about a year, and I really should be 150. I feel best at that lower weight.

With the New Year, there’ll be tennis again. And this time, I’m putting together a P90X2/X3 Hybrid that will, I think, increase calorie burn, but not without sacrificing needed recovery. I’m hoping to harness the best of both these programs.

I’ll be completing this Insanity round sometime during the first week of 2015. Then I’ll recover a bit and be back later in January with the Hybrid. No worries, I’ll publish that schedule once I’ve finalized it.


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