Round 13: Skogg Roots

gi-grounded-manI write this having completed Day 5 of the Skogg System Kettlebell workout regimen. Day 5 marks the second iteration of the “Roots” DVD.

The Roots workout DVD contains four levels through which I hope to advance during this 12 week regimen. This being Week 1, I began with level 1 for each of these routines, as detailed in the Skogg System Workout Calendar.

Roots Level 1 takes you through a warm up, the workout and a cool down stretch. For the warm up, we are instructed to use a light kettlebell (I used my 8 kg, 17 lb kettlebell). With that kettlebell, you then perform various moves, revolving the bell around your head, around your body and through your legs. It is exactly that. A warm up in the traditional sense. Your body becomes engaged and is warmed as you begin the routine. This, unlike the Insanity “warm up” which involves 10 minutes of cardio hell, the better to separate the wheat from the chaff and the fluids from your body.

So I wasn’t sweating after the brief warm up. In fact, I never broke a sweat in any of the two iterations of Roots in this Week 1. This conforms to various other accounts I read about in the Skogg DVD reviews prior to purchasing. Rest assured, I read, the sweat will be flying in subsequent workouts.

I don’t consider this a negative at all. In fact, I like the idea of “easing” into something new. Hopefully, I’m learning and getting my form right so I can leverage this as the demands increase.

In my first attempt at the Roots workout on Day 3, I opted to use my lightest 8 kg kettlebell throughout and focus on learning the moves. On Day 4, my stretch day, I did another P90X3 Yoga session. Today, prior to taking on Roots for the second time, I was happy to notice I was nowhere near as sore as I had been following my first introduction to the Kettlebell over a week ago when I was playing with the Skogg 101 DVD.

Since I was relatively pain free, I decided beforehand to vary the kettlebell weights based on the exercise. As a result, I was significantly more winded (still no sweat) than I was after completing Roots the first time.

In this Roots DVD, we perform 6 kettlebell moves in the main workout. As the levels advance from 1 through 4, the pace, load and duration increases. At level 1, each of the six moves are performed once per side for 30 seconds each. I made sure to complete at least 10 reps of each move per side. After each move, there is a 60 second recovery period before continuing on to the next move.

For the record, here are the six moves, and the weights I employed on my second round of Roots, Level 1:

  1. Swing, 12 kg (26 lbs)
  2. Clean, 12 kg
  3. Clean & Press, 12 kg
  4. Squat, 16 kg (35 lbs)
  5. High Pull, 12 kg
  6. Snatch, 8 kg (17 lbs)

I handled each of these weights with relative ease. The reason I opted for the 8’er on the Snatch was because this is my least graceful move. I need to get the form better before I up the weight.

The Roots, Level 1 workout portion lasts about 11 minutes (6 moves x 30 sec/move/side x 2 sides) + 5, 1 minute rests. So, long enough to get the heart rate up, but not quite enough to break a sweat. It will be interesting to see if I experience any significant change in achiness over the next two days as a result of the increased weights.

The DVD concludes with a nice cool down stretch that introduced–to me–new ways to stretch various muscle groups.

No jokes, no clowning around, ala Tony Horton of P90X fame. But Michael Skogg serves up clear instructions, with a nice demeanor and in a very non-intimidating way. Enjoying this very much.

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