Level 2. It’s a Little More Higher.


Ain’t no big thang.

Wow. What a difference 3o seconds makes.

Yesterday, I did the “Roots” kettlebell workout again. This time, the calendar called for doing Level 2. As Shaun T of Insanity fame says, “It’s Level 2. It’s a little more higher.”

The only thing that changes with Level 2 is adding 30 seconds to each move. That’s it. But just making that one change changes the workout from Level 1 “fun” to Level 2 “work.” I used the same bell weights as I had used in the prior two Roots, Level 1 sessions. So the only change was duration. Man, my heart rate went up. And I was tired when finished.  I was also worried I would be very sore today. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. So, perhaps my brief sojourn into kettlebells has already increased strength.

Today, stretch day, I again did P90X3 Yoga. Toward the end, I remembered a blog post I made way back in May 2011. It was early on in my second Round of P90X. I observed how far I was away from ever hoping to achieve a sitting forward fold with my elbows on the floor. I’ve been able to do that move now for about a year. For some reason, today was the day I noted the achievement of the “impossible.”

Who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to get into a full split at some point. I continue to make improvements, millimeter by millimeter.

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