Kettlebell: Week 5 & Flow

flowWeek 5 of the Skogg System Kettlebell workout is now done. In week 5, we are introduced to the fourth and final DVD which is called: Flow.

The Flow workout incorporates all 6 moves, in sequence first on the left side, then the right. For level 1, we begin with a single rep of each move and work up to three reps before going back down from three to two to one rep.

Once again, because this was my first time with this workout, I had trouble keeping up. So I just paused the DVD as necessary to complete the sequences. I expect my next attempt at Flow will go smoother.

We’re also introduced to a new warm up. This warm up incorporates dive bombers, which I’ve always hated. I dislike them because I’m not good at them. This, I know, means I need to do them to focus on the weakness. It’s just that I have so many weaknesses, sometimes it seems I never get to do anything I actually enjoy.

The next week 6 keeps me at level 2 for all the routines. This should allow the additional practice and development I’ll need to start introducing some of the level 3 routines in week 7. Sitting here at my keyboard, that sounds do-able.

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