Kettlebell Halfway

Russian_stamps_no_534_—_Dumb-bell_liftingWith today’s yoga, I completed week 6 of the Skogg Kettlebell System. This marks the halfway point of the program.

Throughout the week, I performed the scheduled “level 2” workouts. They are challenging, but not nearly as much as a couple of weeks ago. So, I suppose it’s fitting that with week 7 comes the “level 3” workouts.

Over the past weekend, I was able to sneak in a singles tennis match between all the cold, rainy weather we’ve been having. It was an agreeable temperature, in the 50’s. I easily won the match. And my play was pretty good. More importantly, I played without any tennis elbow issues. The arm felt good, strong. Overall, I felt I was in good condition: solid. This, of course, was all due to the Skogg Kettlebell System and all the yoga I’ve been doing.

Had I lost, no fear, I would have been as quick to blame the kettlebells and yoga.

So far, I’ve managed to swing the kettlebell without dropping it on my foot, smashing my kneecap, or having it fly out of my hand, mid-swing, into the TV set. I make these statements with a combination of pride and relief. There have even been moments where my movements were almost fluid.

So, as my reward, I graduate to “level 3” this coming week. This seemed quite impossible a few weeks ago. Now I’m actually looking forward to the challenge.

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