Back in the Swing

Boy swingingNow that we’ve had a few days in a row of warm temperatures, I feel I can officially announce that winter has finally released its icy grip on Atlanta.

All this cold, rainy weather we’ve been having this year has made scheduling tennis matches challenging. Consequentially, my singles and doubles matches got all clumped up into a very busy week. Because of all the tennis, I took a break from the kettlebelling. Singles tennis can be taxing enough. One of my matches–which I lost–went 3 sets and just shy of 3 hours. I did insert lots of yoga into my hiatus, though. Yoga is increasingly crucial for me to ensure I can stay limber and avoid injury.

It turned out to be a good singles season for me. I placed first in my division. Now, it’s on to the playoffs. More important than the winning, though, is that I played without injury and ended the season with all 10 toenails intact. My tennis elbow has not returned. The tendon is a bit tight the next day, but I would not characterize this as an “issue.”

Also, I have to think that all this kettlebell swinging will help because my forearms and wrists are already noticeably stronger. I started back up promptly after completing the regular singles season.

I’m now done with week 9 and on to the remaining 3 weeks and LEVEL 4. One of the things I like about kettlebells is that you can’t cheat. When swinging that bell, all muscles are firing, unlike when you do an isolated exercise and you can knowingly or unknowingly favor a strength over a weakness and not realize the intended benefit of the exercise.


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