Skogg System Kettlebell: Complete.

kettlebell-smileyToday I completed my latest workout round swinging my kettlebells through Skogg’s Ladders, level 4 workout.

With breaks for tennis, it took me 102 days to complete the 84 day calendar. Not a problem. I was working hard on those tennis days and doing extra yoga sessions to keep limber. And, I’m injury free!

The final three weeks of the Skogg System calendar had me at Level 4. Level 4 continues to add time and reps to the various workouts in the DVD set. As expected, adding that time and those reps initially made Level 4 very challenging. But fairly quickly–about half way through those final 3 weeks–I started imagining that I could soon increase my weights. When I began Level 4, I was using the 12 kg bell on all the routines.

The question was: how do I safely increase the weight? Go back to level 2 or 3 with the higher weight? I posted the question on Skogg’s facebook page, and was advised to stay at Level 4, increase the weight, but go back to the lower weight bell in the routine as I run out of gas. I followed this advice, with good success in my final three workouts: Roots, Intervals and Ladders.

Having completed this DVD set, I can report that I thoroughly enjoy the workouts and I am noticeably stronger everywhere. I’ve also clearly gained muscle mass in my thighs, butt, chest and arms. I think the kettlebell compliments tennis well, building both strength and endurance. And speed wasn’t compromised moving around the court.

So my decision to mix things up and try something new proved beneficial. I like Skogg’s approach and demeanor, so I purchased another of his DVDs: Skogg at Home, Phase 1.

Whatever I wind up doing next, kettlebells will figure into the plan.

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