Round 14: A New Hybrid

P90X_X2_Round-14Before my kettlebell infatuation was consummated, I went through the effort to create a 90 day, P90X2 / X3 Hybrid. I enjoyed and benefited from both those programs in the past, so I wanted to continue to reap those rewards, but with the added variety a hybrid offers.

But that hybrid calendar was set aside as I courted the kettlebell. And with all that swinging, I grew to really enjoy the program, the instructor–Michael Skogg–and the benefits that come just from doing something new and different.

After completing my kettlebell round and the successful singles season that went with it, I was keen to keep the kettlebell in my arsenal. So I revisited my X2/X3 Hybrid calendar and inserted a kettlebell routine into the beginning of each week. Doing so extends my 90 day calendar to 111 days, but this ain’t no big thing because I’m psychologically past the 90 day paradigm at this point.

Typically, I take two to three weeks off between rounds. But this time, I was getting antsy so I kicked off this round on May 6th. I was getting antsy because I know summer always brings more travel into my schedule and my 111 day calendar will surely be extended.

My first week was interrupted by a trip to Alaska, although I did manage to get a nice 3 1/2 hour walk in up Mineral Creek in Valdez one evening after work.

2015-05-12 16.42.52

Looking North up Mineral Creek. Valdez, Alaska

It was nice to have the chance to stretch my legs. This time of year, it stays light well into the night.

Today, I started my second week with another kettlebell routine. Both routines so far have been from my new Skogg at Home, Phase 1 DVD. Again, variety is the theme of this round, I suppose. It’s new, and different. Both clocked in at around 30 minutes.

It’s funny. Just re-introducing P90X3 back into my life this past week has left me sore as hell: in the abs and the shoulders from throwing around that 12 lb med ball in the CVX routine. This just reinforces my decision to proceed as planned. It’s clearly needed.

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