I Am a River

Anyone who knows me knows I love hiking and the mountains. What’s harder to explain is the “why” behind my passion. I’ve been reading Nietzsche of late and some of the themes and the styling struck a chord with me. And so I was inspired to try to use Nietzsche as the vehicle for expressing my “why.”

I Am a River

I am a river
I fall, I fall
Ever falling to the sea—my victory.

I am a river
I fall, I fall
And in my falling, I overcome.

I am ice
Cold and blue
Heavy with sleep, I lay atop mountains
Yet how can I sleep?
It is not my nature
I am a river and so I must flow
I must fall down the mountains
And with the dawn, I awake
I overcome myself and flow
And in my overcoming, I break mountains.

The mountains fear me
They turn to dust beneath me
I break the mountains as I fall
I laugh as I fall at the vanity of the mountains
I fall, relentless, down the mountains
And in my falling I overcome myself and the rock beneath me.

And so, I consume the mountain
I eat it whole, until rock is river
Unsated, I melt, I
Drip, drip, drip
Until my cold, steel ice is overcome
My waters breaking
My torrent falling
Falling, raging.

Behold, my terrible Truth:
I am a river!
Falling, ever falling
I feed you, my fishes sustain you
My waters flow through you
I create you
I destroy you.

I am a river
I live, I live
I’ll not be dammed for my living
I will not be denied of my virtue
I am no lake, no stagnant, fetid pond
I am alive.

Woe to any who deny my nature
Woe to the deniers!
I shall overcome myself—and you—falling over my banks
I will murder you with my deluge.

And as I fall on to Truth
I leave fertile soil
And my revelation shall feed you
As I overcome you
I fall to my nature.

For I am a river, ever falling
I fall
Blessing and birthing
Overcoming and destroying
Falling, falling
As I must to the sea—my victory.

~ Albert Bodamer
June 1, 2015


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