button_pause_01I’ve now completed 47 days from my hybrid schedule and I’m taking a break.

My Austrian hut to hut hiking tour begins in less than a week and I need to rest my knees as much as possible before we begin. Sometime last week I tweaked my left knee. Probably playing tennis. It’s a very minor thing down here on the ground. But it could become unhappy up in the mountains with a pack. So, I’m resting.

I was planning on doing this anyway, just running through daily iterations of the Tai Cheng Neural Reboot 4 the week prior to departure. It’s a great program for getting the kinks out of my system.

This summer has progressed with decent results playing mixed doubles tennis, fast hiking in the nearby park and, of course, this hybrid. It’s been fun to re-visit these P90X2 routines. Although, I’d forgotten how overrun the workouts are with product endorsements. Especially coming off the spartan–just the workout–Skogg kettlebell series, the relentless hawking of Beachbody accessories and recovery formulas and so forth is just grating.

And some of my earlier criticisms still ring true. In particular, some of the workouts are too hectic with the frenetic switching from med balls to foam roller to stability balls and so on. Don’t get me wrong. These are all beneficial tools. There’s just too much diversity crammed into some of the workouts. I feel I’m spending too much time managing all the gear, rather than focusing on the actual work. Minor quibbles, really, as the routines clearly produce positive results.

Anyway, I’ll be radio silent for a while as I’m off to the mountains.

Hoping for good weather and a successful tour.

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