One Hundred Push Ups

A knee injury has sidelined me from tennis and many of the workout routines I employ to try to stay fit. To occupy myself with an arbitrary goal, I’ve decided to try the 100 Push Ups program. The appeal is straightforward:

  • It’s a seemingly impossible goal
  • It requires no capital expenditure
  • It’s only 3 days/week

In fact, all you need is gravity and perhaps a mild case of OCD.

In any event, I started this a couple of weeks ago. I performed the initial fit test, which is to just get down and do as many good form push ups as possible. I did 30. This allowed me to advance directly to Week 3, Column 3 of the 6 week program.

As I worked through the three days in Week 3, I did all the required push ups, though it was certainly getting more difficult with each day, especially as I completed the final “max” set.

Today was Week 4, Day 2. Set 4 and the final set 5 brought me to failure. I was unable to perform 25 consecutive push ups in set 4. I did what I could: 18, pause, then 7 more to 25. Likewise, in set 5, I did 20, paused and then 16 extremely weak, poor form push ups to sorta get to 36.

I don’t really mind the failure. It’s necessary if one is to progress. But the end of this journey sure seems impossible as I write this. I’ll continue to Day 3 (which has even more reps/set) doing what I can muster. From there, another fit test will decide if I need to repeat Week 4, or advance to Week 5.

Thus far, I must report I’m surprised at how tired this makes me and how the push ups are felt not only in the obvious places such as chest, back and arms, but abs and even quads!

Also, at the outset, I felt that 3 days/week was rather tame. So I planned to supplement off days with kettlebell work and yoga. After today’s failure, I now realize the arrogance of my thinking. Maybe I’ll insert Tai Chi and yoga and allow more recovery for the upper body.

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  1. Max says:

    Hey, have you seen the updated program? –

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