Failure at Forty-Four

GlennStephens-Lotus-Eleven-AII finished up the third and final day of Week 4 of the 100 Push Ups program, again having to break my final two sets into smaller sub-sets to get all the reps in. Over the course of the five sets, I did 160 push ups.

Then I waited a day to rest before doing my exhaustion test.

Today, all rested and hopeful, I set out to do the exhaustion test with a goal of completing 45 consecutive push ups. I did 44. I reached complete failure after the 44th push ups and could not lift myself back up to get to 45.

Satisfied that I gave it my best effort, I went to the chart to see what guidance was offered about proceeding. It said if you completed “more than 40 consecutive push ups,” proceed to Week 5, Column 3. I looked at the reps in Week 5, Column 3. It is a major increase from Week 4 (where I reached failure). So I’m not yet sure if I will attempt that, or scale back a bit to the somewhat less demanding Column 2.

Either way, I’m fairly pleased with my progress thus far.

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