Another Exhaustion Test

what-muscles-do-push-ups-workWell, I made it through week 5, with better success than Week 4. I still needed to break up my final “max” set into smaller subsets, but–hey–I was working.

My cumulative push up count on Day 3 was 201 over the course of 8 sets.

After resting for a day, today I steeled myself up for another exhaustion test. I told my brain to tell my body I could to 60 consecutive push ups. Surprisingly, I managed to crank out 62. A strong improvement from my max of 44 just one week ago. So, I’m feeling accomplished and inspired to keep at it.

Tomorrow begins week 6. This is supposed to be the final week of the program to enable me to do 100 consecutive push ups in the exhaustion test following week 6. We’ll just have to see what I can do.

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