Round 15: The Beast in Me


Was Gaston modeled after P90X star Tony Horton?

If not for the beast within us we would be castrated angels.
~Herman Hesse

I’m now into week 4 of this round and it’s something of a recovery week, which is appreciated. Yesterday, while swinging my kettlebell, I had to drop down to a lighter bell earlier than I’d hoped. I was just so sore and completely out of gas. Why? Well, two days prior, I’d done the P90X3 routine called “The Challenge.” It’s a routine that just alternates eight sets between push ups and pull ups. Now heavier (still 160 lbs), those pull ups aren’t what they once were. But I set my goal at 25 push ups and 10 pull ups for each set. And yes, in those final sets, my pull ups were not consecutive. But I did them for a total of 80 pull ups and 200 push ups. And that, that is what caught up with me yesterday as I was doing my kettlebell routine.

So far this round, I’ve managed to stay on schedule. I’ve also played some poor, uninspired, uncoordinated mixed doubles tennis. My knee continues to recover. The hamstring that tore seems healed, though still somewhat stiff, perhaps this is scar tissue. My movement on the tennis court is poor and I haven’t tried to force it to a higher level, not trying to do too much, too soon. Yeah, there was no risk of that this past month. Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll be in better form and more fully recovered as the men’s doubles season starts. I’ve opted out of singles because that’s just too much right now.

Over the weekend, I watched Beauty and the Beast (in 3D) on BluRay HD. I hasn’t seen it since my son was little. All I can say is “wow.” In high definition, in 3D, with uncompressed audio, it’s a reference-quality flick. And Gaston, that villain, was he modeled after Tony Horton of P90X fame? Damn if he doesn’t look exactly like him!

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