Round 15: Everything is Awesome Edition

the-lego-movie-awesome-e1392309318427Today, I’m at week 10, day 67 of this hybrid round. Everything, as they say, is awesome because I’m on schedule and things continue to trend well.

No injuries. Strength, mobility and flexibility are gaining. Tennis play is improving, with actual wins on the doubles court. I’m still not playing singles and am refraining from doing so this summer as well. While I’m moving fairly well now in doubles, I can tell the demands of singles would really overtax my knee/hamstring.

With the kettlebell, I’m swinging that 20 kg bell a bit longer before retreating to the 16 and the 12, depending on the routine. I remain happy with the structure of this hybrid. It seems to offer up recovery days just as I need them. This is good because I’ve been messing around with structuring another hybrid that incorporates P90X and Insanity along with P90X2, X3 and the kettlebell. The Mother of All Hybrids is what I’m calling it. Because of all the routines, it will extend to about 150 days. I hope to try it out beginning this summer sometime.

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