Round 15 Hybrid Complete

doneThis post is a little late in coming, but just to tie this round up with a bow: I completed this hybrid on May 29, 2016.

In all, it took me 118 days to complete this 111 day Hybrid, begun on February 1.

I started this round at 160 lbs and finished this round at 165 lbs.

That’s tough to type. Back in the day, a few years ago, I was a steady 150 lbs. I’ve been gradually creeping up since. I’m willing to concede that some of this may actually be blamed on muscle gain. Since I started with the kettle bell, my thighs have gotten bigger. And there ain’t no fat in my legs. Neither in my shoulders and arms. But there’s no way I’ve gained 15 lbs of muscle mass. No, the fat resides as a sort of “modesty shield” covering my awesome abs. It’s there to make me more approachable and less intimidating to others.

This is all so much whining though, as I’m feeling in pretty decent shape.

Summer mixed doubles tennis starts this weekend and I’m looking forward to it. That knee/hamstring issue that began last June (!) is now almost fully resolved. Since completing this round, I’ve been doing Tai Chi and the Tai Cheng Neural Reboot each day. Just doing that has improved my range of motion to now be essentially the same on both legs. Still, I opted out of summer singles play. I plan to start that up in the Fall.

I must say I really enjoyed this hybrid. The variety. The mixing in routines of varying duration. I placed the recovery periods at good points where they turned out to be needed. Overall strength improved well. Pull ups improved throughout as well (even with the added weight gain).

So, this may me the new normal for me: extended regimens that incorporate a variety of workouts from multiple sources. I’m planning to take some time off, just focusing on walking, tennis, yoga and Tai Chi before starting up again. I drafted up another hybrid that incorporates P90X and Insanity along with P90X2, X3 and the kettlebell. The Mother of All Hybrids is what I’m calling it. Because of all the routines, it will extend to about 150 days. I plan to start up with that at some point this summer.

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