Round 16: The Mother of All Hybrids

P90X_X2_Round-16It’s with some trepidation that I am re-entering the blogosphere and dipping my toes into a new and extended workout round.

Why? Well since completing my last round, now over two months ago, I’ve been in general “recovery mode” playing some mixed doubles tennis, doing yoga and listening to Mozart operas. It’s also been something of an extended recovery period because at some point I did something to the back of my right shoulder that was causing discomfort and weakness. Range of motion wasn’t really compromised, though. So while this annoyance was happening, I stopped tennis play and just did yoga (and opera).

After a month and a half of no tennis, I played a recreational mixed doubles match only to find that the shoulder felt better the next day. And that better feeling continued to the next day, and the day after that. OK, that was weird. I still feel some minor irritation, but nothing like prior to playing that match.  Could it be that swinging my arm released some kind of impingement? Well I guess we’re about to find out.

After about five days of my shoulder feeling better, and bored as hell with yoga, I decided to try starting up my self-designed, 20 week P90X/X2/X3/Insanity/Skogg Kettlebell regimen. I started today with the kettlebell via the Skogg Roots workout. I opted to go full Level 4, but with my lightest 8 kg bell. Doing Level 4 gave me a decent cardio workout. And keeping it light with the 8 kg kettlebell allowed me to focus on form, do really good, deep squats, and test out that shoulder.

The shoulder felt ok throughout the routine. I’ll have a better sense of everything tomorrow morning, but so far I’m doing fine. It felt good to be back at it.

What about the opera? Well, kudos to Mozart for keeping me sane while in low activity mode. Perhaps I’ll write about that at some point. For now, let me just say that opera on blu-ray can be very enriching. Uncompressed sound, high definition picture and English subtitles combine to create a captivating experience.

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