A Weak Week

Nutella-pudding1One week into this round, I can confidently report that taking two months off of any resistance exercise results in material gains in weakness.

Some of this weakness is out of respect for my still compromised right shoulder. In each routine, I reduced weight amounts from prior levels. But even still, at the close of week 1, I am sore as can be.

Even with The Challenge, at only 5 pull ups and 15 push ups per set, I was humbled with total body soreness for two days after.

And with today’s kettlebell routine (after a rest day), at Level 4 with an 8 kg bell, I was like the tin man when I started. The good news is that after the first round, blood flow lubricated my muscles making the subsequent rounds very productive. It remains a good decision to stay low with that 8 kg bell. With it, I’m doing more, good form reps and good, very deep squats.

My hope is that by not “pushing it” I’m getting a decent workout, good cardio and rehabbing my shoulder. So far, I’m satisfied that I’m accomplishing this.

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