tennisNow 36 days into this hybrid, I have to say I’m feeling satisfied with my progress. My shoulder is slowly improving. I’ve been able to play tennis again. I even signed up and played my first match of the singles tennis fall season.

I attribute my progress to date to several factors:

  1. This hybrid round ramps up in difficulty over three weeks, then includes a recovery week, then ramps up again in the same cycle. This prevents me from over-taxing myself.
  2. I continue to swing the kettlebell light. The first 4 weeks, I kept it at 8 kg. Now, I’m using the 12 kg and dropping to the 8er for high pulls and snatches. This keeps my shoulder happy.
  3. I do Tai Cheng Neural Reboot or X3 Yoga prior to tennis play. I refrain from other workouts when playing tennis. This obviously extends the duration of this hybrid. But it also prevents me from overdoing it.

Thus, I am in pursuit of a long, ego-less round. I want to work the cardio, endurance and to a lesser degree, strength. I played a two set singles tennis match yesterday in 95 degree heat. I basically won by having more endurance than my opponent (7-6, 6-2). So, even though I’m not 100%, it was a good feeling to be able to push through that heat to a win. The legs felt very good. I give the kettlebell work a lot of credit for overall strengthening of my legs.

Also, it’s been three years since I’ve done the original 60 minute long P90X workouts. I can state unequivocally now that they are more difficult than X2 or X3. Just sayin’.

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