Ich liebe die Freiheit


Now, one day after the massacre at Berlin’s Christkindlmarkt, don’t expect me to express my solidarity with the people of Germany by sharing any vapid, meaningless, hashtags or profile picture changes exclaiming “ich bin ein Berliner,” or “Pray for Germany.”
Even if these had any value, how could one reasonably keep up with the demands of expressing constant compassion for: Paris, Belgium, Nice, Cologne, London, Paris, Paris, Grafing, Malmo, und so weiter?

And how much compassion can one reasonably muster up when the victims are perhaps the greatest deniers of the very reality mowing them down? Western civilization in Europe, apparently, isn’t dying off fast enough vis-à-vis the population’s collective decision to not reproduce. No, this bizarre, macabre dance with death must go full-on jitterbug by importing and paying the tormentors to express their grievances at our Christmas markets, soccer matches, dance clubs and topless beaches.

It’s a mental disorder of the highest degree, this insane compulsion of so many in society to deny reality. I subscribe to various German news publications so my Facebook feed is full of the news stories of the day reported through German eyes. As Mark Steyn observes, there were, indeed, the obligatory headlines describing the event as a “truck crash.” But, the German comments, by Germans, peppered below these news pieces escalate the denial by describing the “event” variously as: “Goddamned 2016,” “humanity,” and “religion.” Along with the obligatory: “you cannot judge,” and “terrorism speaks for no religion.”

When it is forbidden and racist to use your mind to know and to judge (which is to think and be fully human), then events like yesterdays are mystical, unknowable things, where the cause can be attributed to “the year,” “all of mankind,” or “all religions.”

The multi-cultural ethos relieves the adherent from the obligation to know–to know anything at all about the culture, religion or tribe they are celebrating. And in that vacuum of complete ignorance, without standards, without value, everything is indeed the same.

Nature, unfortunately, abhors a vacuum. And so it fills rather quickly.

Yesterday, it filled with blood.

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