Round 17 and on to 18

After returning from the Austria hiking trip, I commenced with another Hybrid Round. This one incorporated P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, and various Skogg Kettlebell routines. Because I was enjoying the benefit of all the kettlebell swinging, I extended this round to 224 days, with now two kettlebell sessions each week.

But, of course, the 224 day round wound up taking much longer to complete, due to vacations, colds and flu. Additionally, I no longer work out on Tennis days or when I have some other activity taking place which I can rationalize as fitness-related. This process makes sense for me to ensure I don’t over-stress my body and ensure sufficient recovery time. And aside from annoying colds and the flu, I haven’t had any injuries from working our or playing tennis for a good long while.

The only complaint with my Round 17 Hybrid is that I’ve lost come degree of cardio fitness. And those Insanity routines, I’ve decided, no longer suit my 56 year old self. It’s too stressful on the knees and wrists and the result is a less than optimal cardio workout. So, for my next Round, which I started today, I replaced all the Insanity routines with 45 minute – 1 hour stationary bike riding (or any cardio activity I choose). I also tweaked the schedule a bit to ensure I don’t have upper body workouts two days in a row.

This new Round is also 224 days long, so it’s hard to imagine where I’ll be and exactly when I’ll complete it. But I’ve proven sufficiently diligent and consistent in my efforts to know I’ll do it so long as I’m able.



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