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2016’s Top 10 Posts

Once again, it’s time to commemorate the year’s top 10 posts for this blog. The Top 10 represent the posts which have the most visits during the course of the calendar year. Given this, recent posts are at a disadvantage … Continue reading

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2012’s Top 10 Posts

We’re close enough now to the end of the year that the Top 10 Posts are secure in each of their respective positions. And they are (drum roll): My P90X-Insanity Hybrid Review & Results P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 0: Fit Test & Schedule … Continue reading

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The Zell Miller Scholarship GPA Requirement is Seriously Flawed

As I write this, the revisions to Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program (HB 326) have cleared the House and now awaits approval in the Senate. Last week, I posted my concerns about the originally proposed 3.7 High School GPA requirement to … Continue reading

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The Case for Eliminating the GPA Requirement from the Proposed Zell Miller Scholars Program

I understand and appreciate the challenges facing the ongoing viability of the HOPE Scholarship program, and I appreciate the legislature’s efforts to remedy the pending budget shortfalls.  I do not disagree with the majority of the proposed changes to the … Continue reading

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