Fitness Tracking Tools

I’ve had several requests asking me to share some of the tracking spreadsheets I use for reporting my progress throughout my fitness effort. I’m happy to do so and have included template sheets here, with all my data removed. I hope you find the tools useful. If any one finds and bugs, please let me know and I’ll fix and repost the offending worksheet.

P90X Tracking Sheet
This is the “official” P90X sheet provided by Beackbody on their web site. The only difference is I corrected various formula errors in their sheet and added some calculations to the “Data” tab to assist in generating various charts I added to the spreadsheet.

Heart Rate/Calorie Tracker
This spreadsheet allows you to track your Heart Rate monitor data, including calorie burn over a 90 day period. The routines listed are from my Round 2 Hybrid. Just overwrite the routines to match your schedule.

P90X Pull Up Progress
This spreadsheet allows you to track your pull up progress over the course of your 90 day P90X effort. You can modify it as needed to include subsequent rounds.

Nutrition Ratio Calculator
This spreadsheet allows you to track your actual versus target calories and Fat/Protein/Carb ratios over the course of 90 days.

P90X Fit Test Results
This spreadsheet tracks your Day 0 and Day 90 Fit Test Results and reports the variance.

Insanity Fit Test Worksheet
This is just a pdf of the Insanity Fit Test that is presented on a single page for convenience.

2 Responses to Fitness Tracking Tools

  1. Brian Fit says:

    Hi Albert

    Awesome tools.Thanks for sharing them with us everyone. They definitely makes thing easier and keep me motivated.


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