P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 10: Shoulders & Arms; ARX

“I dare you to knock this off…”  Now I know I’m dating myself. Who knows where my mind will take me when working through my issues during the course of a P90X routine?

I was thinking “shoulders.”  My battery running low… poof… Robert Conrad, circa 1977.

As Tony Horton says, “the shoulders are the link..” And for me, they’ve been the weak link throughout P90X. I’ve plateaued specifically on shoulders for many weeks now. So yesterday, with some resolve,  I successfully increased the weight on Alternating Shoulder Presses, Static Arm Curls and Crouching Cohen Curls.  And I increased my reps on Deep Swimmers Presses back to where I was at the end of Round 1.

There were two distinct results from this effort: 1) my total power score (calculated by adding the totals on the “Data” tab of the P90X worksheet) increased to 416 from the prior week’s 402; and 2) my shoulders and arms are especially achy today.

And Ab Ripper X.  Not sure why… probably Insanity… the abs were “ripping” more than usual during that 16 minute interlude.

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